Real Time Ultrasound Imaging Assessment & Treatment for Lower Back & Pelvic Pain/Dysfunction

Peak Performance Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy Clinic uses Real Time Ultrasound to gather instant information for assessment and treatment of spinal/sports injuries.


• RTUS is used to identify problems with the deep “stabilizing” muscles of the lumbar spine and pelvis.

Peak Performance’s trained clinicians use the motor control approach to examine, diagnose and treat these specific muscles.

• RTUS allows us to assess the “action” of deep muscles that stabalize the individual joins of the lumbar spine and pelvis. We can observe the muscle contraction as it happens allowing immediate biofeedback, patient education and specific exercise protocol development.

• we use RTUS to view muscle firing patterns and timing of the core musculature during movement to enhance an effective rehabilitation program for chronic and acute patients.

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